Growth Strategy Support

Put your company on its way to expansion
The idea behind successful growth strategies is not just to expand, but to add tangible value. This is a process that is based on solid planning and preparation.

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Merger & Integration Support

Ensure continuity and consolidate growth
Expansion can only lead to permanent added value when your additional activities are successfully integrated into your existing organization.

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We are Tacchyonn

Tacchyonn supports your ambition to grow

Tacchyonn provides tailor-made organizational support to companies who want to realize their long-term ambitions. Whether you need to assess your company’s growth potential, or you wish to confide in an external partner in order to keep your own focus on day-to-day management, we can help.

We apply a unique method to analyze your potential. We identify opportunities to diversify. We assess your prospects to tap into new markets – potentially by engaging in greenfield investments or in strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Based on criteria such as your current market position, your management structure and your infrastructural and human resources, we develop a tailor-made growth plan in close and permanent dialogue with your company’s executive management.

We believe that growth is not merely realized in meeting rooms

We adhere a very hands-on working approach that brings us close to the core of your organization. Our aim is to build long-term relationships and to facilitate growth projects that are supported by all of your company’s stakeholders (board members, management, employees, clients and suppliers).

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